Johann Conrad Fischer
Company founder
(14 September 1773 - 26 December 1854)
More than 200 years ago, the company pioneer laid the foundation for today's Georg Fischer Corporation. In 1802 he set up a small foundry near Schaffhausen in Switzerland and very soon he began exporting abroad. In 1827 this tireless inventor succeeded in manufacturing malleable cast iron. Johann Conrad Fischer picked up ideas and gained inspiration from his many travels to countries such as England, France, Germany and Austria. In 1854 he passed the company he had founded on to his son Georg Fischer I, who had until then run the works in Austria. more
Georg Fischer I
(14 July 1804 - 3 October 1888)
The founder's son assumed responsibility at an early age. He was only 23 years old when he was appointed to manage the mill his father had founded in Hainfeld, Austria. In 1833, he bought a company in Traisen, also in Austria, where his brother Berthold later ran a foundry making malleable cast iron and steel. In 1854 Georg Fischer I inherited the Schaffhausen works on the death of his father and completely reorganized them. Ten years later he sold them to his son Georg Fischer II. Georg Fischer I ran the Hainfeld mill until his death in 1888. more
Georg Fischer II
(15 December 1834 - 12 August 1887)
Georg Fischer II, the founder's grandson, assumed management of the Schaffhausen works from his father Georg Fischer I in the autumn of 1856. In 1860, he added soft casting (malleable casting) to the production programme. He then had the name of the company changed to "Georg Fischer Schaffhausen, Weicheisengiesserei, Gussstahl- und Feilenfabrikation". In 1864 Georg Fischer II was the first in Europe to manufacture pipe fittings using the malleable casting technique. In the same year, he bought the company from his father. The +GF+ trademark has been in use since 1890. The company's first logo was a fish in the shape of the letters GF. Over the years, this mark developed into the current logo +GF+. The two crosses represent stylized fittings. more
Georg Fischer III
(12 September 1864 - 19 January 1925)
Following the death of his father, Georg Fischer III assumed management of the firm in 1887 at the tender age of 23 years. This period saw the company enter a new era in which Georg Fischer became a large corporation that grew beyond national boundaries. The greatest achievement of Georg Fischer III was setting up a steel foundry for large cast steel pieces. As a result of this move, steel casting became a major area of production for the company. more
Ernst Homberger
(5 July 1869 - 13 January 1955)
Ernst Homberger began his career at Georg Fischer in 1902 as the company's Commercial Director. Five years later he was appointed Managing Director. Under his leadership, GF grew and flourished. He opened new markets and built up sales organizations. His stewardship saw the acquisition of the Rauschenbach engineering works in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and the Wagner & Englert GmbH fitting works in Mettmann, Germany. In 1929 he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors and became the Board's Honorary Chairman in 1954. With his strong personality and his dynamic business policies, Ernst Homberger shaped the company for more than half a century. more