From 1900



Ernst Homberger takes the helm

Ernst Homberger (1869 - 1955) took over management of the company that he was to shape for the next 50 years. His appointment completed Georg Fischer's transition from a family firm to a commercially run enterprise.


Trademark officially registered

The new GF trademark, with its characteristic crosses representing stylized fittings, was officially registered.


Construction of the first company-owned accommodation

The first company-owned residential colony was built in the 'Hintere Breite' neighbourhood of Schaffhausen.


Acquisition of Klostergut Paradies

To ensure access to food supplies for its own staff, in 1918 Georg Fischer bought two farm estates, including the one belonging to the former Clarissan convent Paradies at Schlatt, near Schaffhausen, which had been closed in 1836. Apprentice training was institutionalized through the founding of the Corporation's own works school.


Founding of Eisenbergwerk Gonzen AG

The Gonzen AG iron ore mine was founded, in which Georg Fischer AG was a part owner. Although mining of iron ore ceased in 1996, Georg Fischer still has a commitment to this industrial monument.